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  1. Tenoreo

    Lmfao. I love this one. xD

  2. Leigh Atkinson (Another Luigi fan)

    LMFAO! XDXDXD I’D SAY THIS IS THE FUNNIEST COMIC OUT OF ALL OF THEM! (not saying the others were horrible…… in my opinion this is the funniest)

  3. Aftershock404

    Gratz’ on reaching 30 comics!

  4. Leigh Atkinson (Another Luigi fan)

    Ash’s hurr durr face…………… XDXDXD

  5. Monochrome

    It’s funny because the show is about Ash’s coma induced dream…what?

  6. Ari

    Great comic :D made me laugh

  7. Monochrome
    • Oh, God, that picture is so sad! D8>

  8. Kallum

    Reddit sent me here, and i love it! this is my favourite, but all of your comics are good, keep it up!

  9. Winged Luigi1

    i saw this comic a while ago – and now i’ve finally found where it came from! Hooray!

  10. jaredstar1

    except none o those three would be anywhere near their dream if not for ash

  11. hiel shintzler

    actually brock left and had a gf for a while….but lets just say, things went bad for him… ash gave him something to come back too….also another note, they’re all women, and being a good gym leader or coordinator all you have to do is “distract” your opponent… mind F#$%ED

  12. Kev

    seems this no longer applies as Brock is not a main charcter in the show anymore.

  13. PikkaRose

    My brother says that Ash is secretly a life sucker, thus how he stays so young.

  14. Arealgamergal2546


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