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Aannnd, I’ve hit 30 comics~! It’s not a typical point of celebration, but I like-a the multiples of 10. Yaaaaaay!

I feel bad for Brock. Accomplishments aside, he’s ALWAYS getting *AHERM-HERM*-blocked by someone. Misty, May, Max, Dawn, Croagunk… Can’t they just let a guy find love? Ehhh…

Anyhow, I have exHAUSTED myself with this one. Maybe, next week, I can come up with a joke that won’t take so much drawing. XD

I’m amusing myself, watching the exchange between the hacking community and Sony. You hear people say “Don’t mess with Sony,” “Sony’s sue-happy,” etc. But don’t count out Anon. Both are giant, sleeping beasts; if left to themselves, they cause relatively little real damage. Stir up the pot, however (i.e. – Hack a PS3 or kill a cat on camera or whatever), and you’ve got some retribution on your hands. We find ourselves in the peculiar situation to have two such entities, enraged at one another, and we can only watch as they tear into each other.

I’m not going to claim either side, but I will say that I’m not against homebrew in its purest form.