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  1. I followed your link over from the bitf forums, and I’ve gotta say that I’m really impressed, and not just because no one normally gives Luigi any love. You’ve got some real talent, and shouldn’t be worried on whether you’re good or not. You are. Now make with the more funnies.

    • Thanks a lot, Joel! You’ve made my day! XD

  2. This is my new favorite comic. Two kinds compared to this is nothing.

    • Thank you, Whispershadow! YOU’ve made my evening. :D

      • Whispershadow Darkforest (Luigi fan)

        I posted this comic on the Mario and Luigi roleplay I’m in everyone loves it :D

        • That’s fantastic! Thank you so much, friend!

          • Whispershadow Darkforest (Luigi fan)

            I’m Luigistar Luigiclan on facebook :)

  3. Whispershadow Darkforest (Luigi fan)

    Do you have a facebook? Maybe I could add you as a friend?

  4. Whispershadow Darkforest (Luigi fan)

    YAY thanks ^_^

  5. Leigh Atkinson (Another Luigi fan)

    I don’t wanna know how he got the Poltergust 3000 from Kirby either XDXD jk I do. I LOVE your comics. I gotta thank Whispershadow for showing me them! They’re awesome!

  6. Fox Mccloud

    Why would kirby go back into the mansion after luigi nearly killed him in the last incident with the mansion?! XD
    these comics get better and better :D

  7. Creeper king

    Have you tried a dark moon comic?

  8. Arealgamergal2546

    LOL XD Kirby & Luigi ghost hunting buddies! :D

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