Lawdy. It took 12 hours straight to finish this comic, and it’s still QUITE late. Sorry for that. Not only that, but once I finally had the darned thing finished, Dreamhost (the hosting KakuJomics uses) suddenly started having “issues related to php file uploads causing errors or internal server errors”, which basically means I couldn’t upload it no matter how many times I tried. I finally found a way around it and managed to upload it. Had I known I was going to have all this trouble and extra delay, I would have taken a break, or, you know, slept.

Oh, well.
It happens.

This comic raises the question: What would it look like? “What would what look like”, you ask? Eh… Nevermind.

I just about burnt myself out for the week with this one, so I think I’ll try to make a more simple comic for Sunday. Maybe not, though; I seem to love punishing myself. See ya’ then~