Okay, that’s enough vomit for a while. >< And so ends this story. I hope you enjoyed it. It was a single comic that ran amok and demanded multiple pages. Sorry. >.>;

I’m sure Kakujo hasn’t seen the last of the moths (filthy heathens).

I’ve got the general premise and broad plot figured out for the upcoming serial comic. The site’s design is going to undergo some fairly large changes before it goes up. For one, I need to separate the gag comics from the full serial comic so as not to break the flow. For that sake, I’ll have to create a splash page and separate designs for each comic. I haven’t decided if it will be a different banner/graphics, a simple color change, or a full-blown redesign.

It’s still all in the conceptual stages, so we’re looking at a month, at least, and that’s being optimistic. Rushing something like this can only lead to snags further on down the road, yes? I want this comic to be something good.