It’s not too early to bring back the lolrus, I think? Huh? Anyway, Minazo wasn’t even a walrus, but rather a huuuuge elephant seal. It made it kinda hard to choose how the Inkling soldier would refer to it. ‘Don’t wanna be too heavy-handed, but it also felt unrealistic for a sea-type creature like an Inkling to not know an elephant seal when they saw one. I guess that’s like assuming I should randomly know how to pick out a person of any race, but like, sea creatures all swim in the same pee-pee water so they’re all already blood-brothers kinda, okay? And that’s probably why Splatoon is set in a future when most creatures got the hell out of the water. It’s like one big, disgusting public pool, man…

Video Games:

Undertale has been a huge thing, recently. It’s like Five Nights at Freddy’s or My Little Pony, only there are less pre-stigmatized attachments to it, so I’m seeing it eeeeverywhere.

Now, here’s my exhilerating story: I wanted to play it. But I hadn’t bought it. Then BnB Vasquestion gifted me a copy. I’ve been playing through it. And I can very easily see the appeal! It’s got a lot in common with other internet crazes: Good writing, “real” characters, a revelation on a pre-existing concept, aaaand plenty of shipping opportunities (I’m not talking about packaging here, folks).

People like to call it the second coming of Earthbound, which I get (pretty sure that was Mother 3, but maybe we’re dealing in semantics here?). BUT! Writing-wise, I greatly favor Undertale. Not because Earthbound’s writing was bad, but because Undertale feels like a warm friend, whereas Earthbound feels like a quirky Japanese streaker. To clarify, I enjoy the company of both the warm friend and the naked Japanese guy. I’m merely pointing out what is most likely the key reason Undertale has become so big. It really connects with people. Earthbound did this as well, but it did so in a way I felt I’d never truly understand. Undertale feels like it’s trying to understand me.

So, while both fantastic experiences:
Undertale = Warm
Earthbound = Cold

To me, anyway. I’m gonna finish up this pacifist run, then I’m gonna put up a genocide run on my YouTube channel. People tell me to get ready to have a “bad time”.