Believe it or not, Nuclear Throne just exited Early Access! With update 96 and a simultaneous release on PS4 and Vita, no less! I don’t even know how to feel! It’s gonna be weird not seeing those email notifications for Vlambeer’s streams. It’s gonna be weird peeking in on the forums and NOT seeing the frothy fanbase debating various Van and Melee things. It’s gonna be weird not making update videos. But I’m very glad for the NT team! I’m sure they’re exhausted and ready to try something new! Good job, everyone!

Video Games:

To Xbone or PS4? You’d think I’d be done with this decision by the end of 2015… and you’d be correct! Tenoreo and I were just about to land on Microsoft territory before we remembered Kingdom Hearts 3, Digimon Story, Uncharted, etc. Not to say I don’t want to play Gears of War 4, but that and Sunset Overdrive are pretty much the only exclusives I was interested in. As much as Xbox has a crazy superior user-interface and co-op integration, I gotta go where the games are. And so far, I’m on track for not opening the PS4 before Kwismus. Uhuhu~ Im a gud boi