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I had to do it. I had to do a Fez comic. Gomez’ adorable design and demeanor just fits so well into my usual cast. Expect to see more of him. And maybe Cubely. Also, Pippin is the name I gave to a monocled NPC in my Fez LP.

I started updating my KJ Vlogs, again!

Video Games:
Have you checked out Pokemon Conquest? It’s actually pretty fun. I’ve never played any “Nobunaga’s Ambition” games, but it reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics, so far. It DOES seem like certain elements are explained very well, which makes me think Koei-Tecmo assumes a certain level of your understanding of previous NA games. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Being able to control Pokemon in such a way, while also catching ’em all (or “linking”, as it’s called in this game), is just pretty awesome.

I finished up Fez and started the New Game+. The new ability you get is awesome and just little hilarious (if you don’t mind the spoiler, you can check it out in the Spotlight, below). I get to keep my collected items, which is pretty awesome. But now that I know you need this ability to solve certain puzzles, I realize a glaring flaw in Fez: How the heck am I supposed to know when a puzzle is, at the time, unsolvable!?

FEAR 3 is also almost wrapped up. Then, I can start SILENT HIRRURUUUUUU!!

Have some Spotlights:

I Did It for the Bling…

So Much Therapy… WASTED!!

And last, but most certainly not least…


Well, I wasn’t able to get this one up on Tuesday, but at least you don’t have to wait ’til next week? There’ll still be one next week. Though, I’m about to take on a small project at work, but it shouldn’t interfere with the comic or videos as long as it stays small. *glares at employer*

Closing Comments:
I guess that’s it, for now. I’m gonna step away from LCD screens for a bit. My eyes have been twitching, non-stop, for the last few hours, so yeah…

But hey, until next comic; see you then~