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Hey, look, an on-time comic! Neat-O! I was inspired by a fellow webcomicker to stop fussing so much with the little details that, in almost all cases, don’t even render out when resized for the web (as is common, I draw my comics in a ridiculously large format for future printing endeavors). That and focusing reeeaaal hard got me through this comic in only a few days, two of them weekend-days (which are more difficult due to watching the lil’ one by myself)! I gotta say, forcing myself to ignore those 8th of a pixel overlaps was a practice of my utmost self-control. I think my eyes bled. But at least this means I’ll be meeting deadlines from now on and all that. Zoomed out to web-size, this comic looks as crisp as anything else I’ve drawn, so I feel it’s a win-win kind of thing. More time for video games, family and, perhaps in the near future, more weekly comics!

But JOEY!! That butt canNOT be escaped. There’s one in every generation, they say. If you don’t get this joke, you can’t tell me you’re a hardcore Pokemon fan. You just can’t. Or, at least that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it.

Video Games:
I’ve been spending more and more time with Pokemon Conquest, and I’m finding more and more to enjoy. Searching for a warrior’s perfect link is addictive, I’ll say that much. I’m doing that perfectionist thing I do in the games I’m not LPing and my kingdoms are all full of people I’ve been recruiting. I’m in heaven~

With this new-found time, I’d like to bring back a couple more LPs. I need to finish FEAR 3 (I’m told I’m VERY near the end) and replace it with Silent Hill: Downpour, bring back EarthBound and continue with Fez+. I’ll probably return to what I used to do, with the two sets of games uploaded every other day.

Anyway, have a couple Spotlights:

Dressing Up Dolly~

Hooked on Murder Worked for Me

I’ve been putting off the project at work. XD I just really don’t want to get dragged into another ever-growing project… I guess I should stop being a babby and just get on with it. CURSE YOU, MONEY, AND YOUR EVER-PRESENT NECESSITY-NESS.

Closing Comments:
So I’m gonna start recording EarthBound today, maybe some FEAR 3, then I’ll get started on the comic later in the week, because I can apparently do that, now.

Until next comic; see you then~