Stardew Valley’s characters perform the simple miracle of not auto-greeting the player like some sort of eager-to-please dog-person every day. They have bad days. They have good days. Some are straight-up rude. It’s weird how “real” that makes them feel. Guess I’m not going outside in my video game, either.

Video Games:

Tenoreo has played sooo much more Yo-Kai Watch than me. It’s not fair! I want the S-Rank watch and I want Frostina! Whatever… I got Eterna from the Crank-a-Kai.

I’m glad she’s finally found a game she can get into though. I know how it feels to not feel a game for a while. It might be because I’m not actively avoiding my responsibilities these days, but I’m finding fewer games that I can, or even want to binge. That’s fine, though. Maybe my pallet is more refined? In any case, it’s nearly euphoric when I find one. Like Batman Arkham Knight. That’s been a good game, so far.