Should have gone with what my gun said. Er, gut. What my gun says is rarely helpful.

Video Games:

I picked up Yo-kai Watch for Tenoreo and myself (Lily plays a buttload on my copy, as well), and I’m so glad to have it in the games industry. Lord knows Pokemon needs a fire lit under it and I’m hoping Yo-kai Watch can provide that in some small way. I love Pokemon, don’t get me wrong, and I still play through the old games because they’re perfect as they are. But on a modern scale, I really enjoy how fast-paced Yo-kai watch is. But do I prefer it? I’m even sitting here, thinking to myself: “Do I want Pokemon to become that?” And I don’t know how to answer. On one hand, as I’ve already stated, Pokemon could use a change. But at the same time, I dislike how the traditional RPG has pretty much dissolved in favor of a system like Final Fantasy XIII’s or yes– even Yo-kai Watch’s.

Turn-based games still have an audience. Quite a large one. And there are still ways to innovate or simply breathe life into an RPG without altering the core of it, I’m sure. I’m told Bravely Default, Squeenix’s latest attempt at a more “traditional” RPG, turned out quite enjoyable. Then again, I was also told I’d like Dark Souls and WOOPS– so who knows. Thank glob it’s not my job to think about this stuff and I can just splorch out whatever I want right here.