I doubt starting a new trade or hobby (or game) would be as intimidating if it weren’t for all the newb crunchers out there. Seriously, I imagine nothing delights these people more than seeing a thread title that’s in the form of a question. I can already hear them rubbing their hands together, warming the digits for another righteous smackdown on the lowlife who dare asketh a question. Good thing we have these people around, or else people would just go around, willy-nilly, trying new things. SICK

Video Games:

More Fallout 4 gossip: Isn’t Curie (basically the white-painted French female version of Codsworth) adoorable? I mean the floaty-bowling-ball-robot version of her. She’s asking me to help her become a humanoid, but I feel like that’ll just RUIN EVERYTHING
It was hard saying goodbye to Strong when I met Curie. The entire time I’m walking away backward, Strong’s just staring at me. I can practically hear the sad Hulk song. Ah, the feels I feel for these video game characters~