Or I guess don’t take heart? That title didn’t have any rhythm, though.

So Undertale got me. I played the neutral path, I played the pacifist path, and now I’m playing through the dreaded genocide path on the YouTube place.

And Now, A (Cheery) Rant:

Hey kids! Did you know that if you “don’t get” something that a lot of people enjoy, that’s okay? Did you know that someone else enjoying something you don’t doesn’t affect you in any way? That there’s no reason to feel confused? Well, now you do! So get out there! Go do the things you enjoy! Don’t get down on others! It’s video games, for all that is sacred! Remember being bullied for liking Zelda or Pokemon when you were a kid? Well, now you’re doing that to other people! Other gamers! If that don’t un-knot your noodle, I can only sincerely hope you stop that garbage and I’m gonna go play stuff that you don’t like farewell goodbye aufveterzein or whatever that German word is for “goodbye” I’m not freaking looking it up