Considering I enjoy more indie games these days (thanks in part to Nintendo giving me a huge hassle on my YouTube channel), I thought I might try to feature a few here in the comics. The only realistic way I could think to keep the comic short while also not alienating those who are unfamiliar with the game, was to give it its own intro card. So hopefully that came across well to you! Let me know what you think!

Oh, and here’s a link to the game, if you’re interested: Action Henk! on Steam!


As you might have surmised from my all-caps, to-the-point blogpost last week, I went to PAX last Saturday and Sunday. I also put up a Let’s Talkujo discussing my experience, but for those who’d rather read about it, I’ll say that I had an excellent time!

I met Rami at the Vlambeer booth.

I got some awesome pics with some awesome people.

And some amazing cosplayers.

Okay, another. Because I love Marie.

And then I got back and found that one of my lovely followers had sent me a coffee maker to replace my broken one and also the excessively time-consuming french press I originally replaced it with!

A good week! If not for the dumb anxiety I’ve had lately. It’s mostly gone now, though. I’ll be quite glad to have another 20-year break from it, thank you very much.
Ahh, life~