You waited a month for a poop joke! HAA!

But seriously, sorry for falling off the map for a month. I was still kinda doing videos and streams, but I had a nasty case of artist’s block. ‘Still kinda do, but I’ve had some time to think about where I am with the comic and where I want it to go. I considered changing the update schedule from “Saturdays” to “Whenever I Feel Like It”. I’ve gone a long while without time to relax or socialize, and the lack of response to the comic coupled with some discouraging words from a person in a chat (I’m sensitive, what?) made me feel like it wasn’t worth all that I’m sacrificing for it. But I’ve spoken to some other artists, both still at it and now defunct, and I’ve decided I want to keep trying. Comics is where this all started. I could easily throw it out and focus on youtubing/streaming– and hell, I could probably make some money that way. But despite how unrewarding it can sometimes feel, I’m an artist. I’m an emotional, angsty, man-child of an artist, and it would feel weird to stop drawing.

So here I am again. I’m going to keep drawing the comics I like and I’m going to keep trying new things until I get to a place that feels good, and then hopefully, people who like this thing that I’ve made will find me and follow my work and support me. Cheers!