It might please more people than it angers, but they also could have easily had it the next Saturday. I just think it’s a dumb idea. I also am upset because it means I won’t be able to play much. Waaaa, right?

I happened to record the drawing of this comic, so it’ll be a timelapse on my YouTube channel before too long.

Video Games:

There was a game released a year or so ago called “Remember Me”. It was bogged down by mixed reviews that disliked both its fight mechanics (because it didn’t play like Baaatman) and the confusing story (Is she a bad guy or not? I need black-and-white sides to choose from!). I, like an idiot, listened to this criticism and kept Remember Me on the shelf. About a week ago, however, I finally loaded it up and gave it the ol’ college hoop-a-joop. But what’s this? I’m enjoying it? I’m enjoying it a lot? CRAP!

I told myself I’d stop listening to game reviews back when I swore off Gamespot, but there it was again. That old “turns out I disagree with paid reviewers and really enjoy this game” thing. As much as I’d like to be able to just look at a quick review and know if a game is worth the purchase or not, I suppose these kinds of things require more research. At least for people like me, anyway.


Lily sat me down and we had a serious discussion on why summer camp is not for her. Her summer camp was really more like a slightly-more-structured daycare, and I never enjoyed them as a kid. Turns out she also hates them. So I withdrew her last week, and she hasn’t asked to go back since. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not a parent who forces their kid into something they don’t like, nor am I a parent who completely forgos encouragement. We talked it out, made sure nothing bad was happening, tried to figure out if there was any way we could make it fun for her, etc. But there you have it. Personally, I’m more than happy to not have to wake up at 8am after going to sleep at 5am, three times a week!

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