He probably preferred it over eternal suffering. If I could go out as someone’s BLT, I’d do it.

Video Games:

Nintendo’s new franchise, Splatoon, will be out at the end of this month. At first, it seemed a little too “Team Fortress 2” for my tastes. But I’ve come around to it! In the end, the visuals drew me back along with the appreciation that– WHOA, Nintendo’s making a new IP! That and Lily saw a trailer for it and is really interested, as well. So we pre-ordered it from Amazon and I’ve got the Turf War beta installed and ready to go for the multiplayer event tomorrow (8pm PT). Definitely gonna record it! Here’s hoping Nintendo can bring their own hook to the arena shooter and keep the community from being a frothing cesspool like these communities tend to go. Because that’d turn me off.


School’s almost out! Now’s that magical time of year when everyone’s doing exam stuff and hating life. I’m worried about entertaining Lily while she’s out, but I look forward to seeing more of you at the weeknight streams! Hang in there! It’ll get better, I swears!

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