It’s the only Mario party I know! D:

So the Oklahoma trip is gone and passed! We celebrated Lily’s birthday there, visited family and ate too much southern food. I’m soooo glad to be back. I wanted to upload travel comics, but it took me until Wednesday to figure out the internet situation (my g-ma’s house doesn’t have WiFi and I misplaced my passwords to log in on her computer). I had so many ideas, too… Just for the sake of doing something I said I was going to do, I’ll probably still upload them on Facebook/Twitter throughout this next week and upload the collection here next Saturday.

Video Games:

During my trip, I started and beat Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars. That’s another one of those “I played it once a long time ago and didn’t like it, but now I like it, for some reason” games. I had to get into the Oklahoma spirit somehow. Hahaha, sorry, that’s not fair. Even though it is. I grew up there. It used to be nice. Now, it’s a scary place. MOVING ON–

I also grabbed Story of Seasons, which is the actual next Harvest Moon game, but Natsume holds the rights to the name “Harvest Moon” and they’re not publishing Marvelous’ games anymore. Pity, considering the game masquerading as the current Harvest Moon was not made by any of the original Harvest Moon team and it apparently isn’t all that good, while Story of Seasons is a (so far) really solid game that’s falling into obscurity because of its generic title. Pity, pity, pity.

For those who are as confused as I was as to where Story of Seasons “falls” (HHHHHA) into the series, I’m almost 87% certain it’s the improved/updated version of HM:A New Beginning. If you’ve been out of the Harvest Moon game for a while and don’t know what I’m talking about: with recent titles, they release a remixed, streamlined, generally improved version of the previous years base-release. (e.g.- Animal Parade was the updated remix of Tree of Tranquility, Sunshine Islands was the updated remix of Islands of Happiness.) HOWEVER, while “remix” is an apt description of Animal Parade and Sunshine Islands, Story of Seasons has new mechanics, new crops, a new village, new animals and, most importantly, new characters. But with heavily recycled assets (I personally hate the menu sound effects they’ve been using since HM:DS, but here I’m more referring to the graphics). So it’s more like what Back to Nature was to Harvest Moon 64. And it’s good. There. Put that on the wiki. But make it sound smart, first.


Haha, did you know I HAVE A 5-YEAR-OLD NOW!? Oh gob… She’s mostly the same as she was a few days ago, I think. Did she always make her own sandwiches and pour her own drinks? Crap, looks like I’m not needed anymore, goodbye. ::leaves::

If I were a 90’s dad.

Closing Comments:

Until next comic…

See you then~