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Get Underslept and Overcoffeed!

Oh, you know I had to lens flare.

Hope you don’t mind more Lily and Kakujo. I had meant for the comic to be more father-daughter themed from the very beginning, afterall. I even found myself enjoying the process of this one much more than I have with recent comics. The comic feels more unique and like my own creation. Though, that doesn’t mean the game character parodies are completely gone; just a little less frequent.

Video Games:
I want to be at my best in my videos, but finding a time where I’m not entirely exhausted from getting ready for moving is difficult. I still have some backlog vids and plan on having at least one more recording session before I pack away the computer, so I’ll have episodes to upload here and there from my laptop. Speaking of which, I need to look into getting a RAID0-compatible hard drive enclosure so I can edit at the hotel. Slowly transferring everything from my computer to my laptop is another option, but it’ll be an enormous pain in the rump.

Anyway, I played a browser game that’s eating many a netizens’ time, lately: Cookie Clicker. I have that game open in another tab at most times. It’s just… It’s very deep and addictive; the mechanics and the underlying moral message. Even the end-game “there’s not much else to do” part hasn’t deterred me. The internet is in a big race to brag about how many cookies per second (CPS) they have and I’M NOT GETTING LEFT BEHIND DANG IT

Cookie Clicker:

Paper Mario 2 Ep.28:


Seeing the walls bare of the Nintendo stickers and Lily’s fingerpaintings has really forced me to begin realizing the gravity of the situation. I finally had a dream where I watched Lily say goodbye to Nani (my grandmother; her great grandmother. They’re like, best buds) and I woke up in sweats and tears. This is part of it, I know, and I’m very confident that this decision is what’s best for my family. The water, the power, the jobs, the crime, the schools, the HEAT– Many things here have gone very, very bad and Oregon will be a vast improvement for us. I want Lily to go to an elementary where the kids aren’t passing drugs around and yammering on about sex in first grade. I want to live somewhere I can go for a walk or bikeriding without the abysmal crime statistics echoing in the back of my head. I want Tenoreo and me to be able to have IRL FRIENDS again.


But there are definitely 3 or 4 people I wish I could take with me.

Closing Comments:
Sorry to get all heavy on you, there. ‘Probably should just keep that stuff in a diary, but LEL I’M SO RAW
Probably could make a few comics out of it, though.