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Get Underslept and Overcoffeed!

Well, THAT escalated qui– *ANVIL*

Video Games:
On with the Gaming Channel updates! Cube World was wrapped up and Narun and I recorded a multiplayer episode. The second KakuCraft stream went up on YouTube. The Lion King stream I did with Tenoreo (which I rather liked) ended up inadvertently deleted, so kudos to those who tuned into the actual livestream. Narun and I played that old Flintstones game for the SNES and WHOA– Mark of the Ninja is over!? Quite the good game. The pacing throughout was exquisite.

Incredipede with Hamus (little sister):

The Flintstones: ToSM with Narun (cousin):

Mark of the Ninja Finale:

Sorry for artistically falling off the planet for a few weeks. That move is getting ever closer. Like, what, 5 weeks? YIKES. Can you tell I’m excited/nervous/horrified? But yeah, preparing for that has been most time-consuming and there’s still sadly a lot more to do. I’ll hopefully be posting a video to the gaming channel regarding updates (or the lack thereof) before and during the move. With luck, I’ll have a backlog for at least the videos.

Closing Comments:
I’ll update you on my schedule, once we get closer to the moving date. I can say updates will be pretty regular, albeit retaining the 1-vid/day schedule, up until about mid-september.