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I love keese. I would kees a keese with all the keys.

I got carried away with this guy’s character design. I was having issues with the color scheme, but a few members on the KakuCraft server lent me a hand and I’m fairly satisfied with how he came out. (Thanks, wolfishNdividual, Megaman7659, darklight0 and Kameakuken~)

Video Games:
This Friday (07/26) 8pm CST, there will be another KakuCraft stream! Wanna join in and all that? Read the guide.

Gaming Channel news! We hit 1,000 subscribers, Bits and Bytes! Thank you all so much for your lovely support! In response, the KJ Gaming Companions made a message for you!. Also, Narun and I played Evoland.

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Best of Week 6-2

Our apartment complex just installed these weird devices above our stove that are supposed to explode with foam or water when it detects fire. BUT IT’S ABOVE THE STOVE HOW DOES THAT EVEN– Ok, if I get fire extinguisher in my bacon/eggs, it’s your blood, guys.

Closing Comments:

Note: No comic -next- Saturday (07/27), as we’re having a Moving Sale over the weekend.

ANOTHER Note(08/03/13): Not that I love stringing you along or anything, but the comic will be -NEXT- Saturday, as today’s the last day of Moving Sale junk. Sorry… @w@;