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I guess I didn’t want to leave the Animal Crossing mythos on such a ghastly note. Though this one’s not entirely happy, either. 😛

Commissions are still open. Check the facebook page’s photo section for a couple infographics explaining the offer.

Video Games:
Gaming Channel updates! My little sister, gamer-name “Hamus”, joined me for some Dead Nation: Road of Devastation, a week or so ago, and we recorded it. ‘Tried a new mic setup and it basically made us sound like we were recording from inside a toilet. One o’ these days, I’m gonna get one of those mics with the different range profiles built in and all shall be well.

Best of Week 1-5

Best of Week 1-6

I think I actually fixed my sleep schedule, a little. My brain still tries to shut down on me during the time I’m “normally” asleep, but it’s getting there. A relapse is not out of the question, however. One good gaming session and BOOM: Why do I even bother? >->

Closing Comments:
Time to work on some commissions. Got a fairly long list growing. ( . _ .’)