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Get Underslept and Overcoffeed!

Y’know, it’s surprising how few Animal Crossing comics I’ve done, considering how many jokes about it I have in reserve. Wait, this is the only Animal Crossing comic I’ve done? …Are you sure? Huh.

Given the size of this one, it was quite the pain in the butt to do. And back. And arm. And sides. I need a better chair.

OH! And I’m about to open up a few slots for commissions. I’ll update this post with details when I have them worked out.
Commissions are opened:
Single Character; No Backgrounds
-Black-and-White: $5
-Flat Colors: $8
-Full Shading/Highlighting/Textures: $12
*Plus $5 per additional character

Provide good description and/or plenty of reference. WIP will be given after drafted.

All payments up-front; PayPal preferred, but mail-in payment is also accepted. If using for anything other than personal use, include details.
I’ll update when all slots are taken.
If interested, email me at: bryan (at) kakujomics (dot) com

Questions? Here’s a pretty good starter guide for commissioning art: http://arynchris.deviantart.com/journal/How-to-Commission-an-Artist-214212067

Video Games:
Would you believe me if I were to tell you I am STILL struggling to restore the Gaming Channel to full schedule? I was doing well there, for a little while, and I guess I forgot how “barely on the mark” I was with my work. I’m so paranoid of Tenoreo bringing more sicknesses back from the hospital, now; apparently, the Flu season is far from over. All this power and technological advancement and we’re still reduced to puking everywhere for a week, once a year? TO THE MOON.

Best of Week 1-3

Best of Week 1-4

I’m designing a couple shirts to sell on TeeFury. I’ll announce it when it happens, obviously. It’s mostly to raise money to fund a prototype for the Clown Car Mug. Then, KickStarter. Then? More cool things to sell. Like a… I-I don’t know. A hat? YOU CAN’T PUT ME ON THE SPOT LIKE THA– A shoe. God dang it…

Closing Comments:
I’ve been at this desk so long, in this hot room. Did I mention Photoshop/Premiere Pro turns this room into an oven? It does and I’m going to go play Gears of War 2 in the nice, cool living room.