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Fashion is everything, apparently. I tend not to have two comics in a row based on the same game, but I’m still really enjoying Pokemon Conquest. I could do a few more comics off it, but I think I’ll push them back to let other games have the floor for a bit.

Designing Kakujo and his lady-friend’s costumes was fun, but time-consuming. I definitely see the cons in drawing a comic with new characters, every week. It kind of adds more time, yeah? It’s usually easier/faster for me to draw a comic based on a character I’ve already drawn/draw frequently (which I’ve actually avoided up until now, oddly enough). After so many comics, maybe I’ve exhausted all the characters I care to learn to draw? Doubt it…

OOH!! Guess what? KakuJomics is now updating on Saturdays, rather than Tuesdays! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, now, as updating Tuesdays places a good deal of my workload on the weekends, which are always so uncertain. I have to watch Ilia all by my lonesome, and I never know if she’s gonna be able to go to daycare or her g-ma’s until the day of. Mix that with my tendency to procrastinate, and yeah, I don’t update as often as I should. They say you shouldn’t change your update schedule, if you can help it, because it confuses people as to when you actually update. Then again, that doesn’t really apply to me if I don’t update regularly, does it? Hopefully, this will mean more updates. 😛

Video Games:
The KJ Gaming Channel has been all kinds of active, lately. EarthBound’s back, Lollipop Chainsaw continues, Silent Hill Downpour began, Pokemon Heart Gold started and they’re all being updated quite frequently!

Have some Spotlights:


I Brought the Bud

This Needs to Be a Screensaver!

Tenoreo’s work schedule shifts forward a day, starting August. This comes at an opportune time, as it compliments the above announcement. Now, I can have all solid week to work on the comic, the videos and everything else in between, while doing what extra I can on the weekends. Cool stuff!

Closing Comments:
So there it is; I update Saturdays, now. I’ll update the header image as soon as I can. Until then, I desperately need sleep; Lil’ One was waking up every hour, last night… >< Until next comic; see you then~