I couldn’t resist using a couple memes here; it just fit too well. Also, Kirby’s ears are bleeding in the last panel. The missus informs me that it might be a bit confusing, considering he doesn’t have visible ears. So… Yeah.

It’s terrible, what’s happening in Japan… On top of the ridiculous amount of new bodies found everyday, there are seriously people out there calling the whole tragedy “karma for Pearl Harbor”. Just listen to these greasy rednecks!

Pearl Harbour Death Toll: 2459 (68 were civilians)
Hiroshima + Nagasaki Death Toll: 150,000-246,000 (140000+ were civilians)

Also, Pearl Harbor was 70 years ago. Send me your address, and for every body found, I will punch you in the dick, ya’ squelchy pile.

As for video game news, there’s not much to say, this week. I’m still playing and very much enjoying Dissidia on the PSP. I’ve also randomly decided to take another romp through Dragon Age: Origins. I also got the missus all into it. :3
I’m disappointed in Bioware/EA for that whole mess about the dude that got banned and barred from his games. Apparently, after EA realized people were pissed about it, they claimed it was an “accident”. Who knows. EA doesn’t have a very good track record for these kinds of things.

See you next week.