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Sonic just can’t be trusted, sometimes…

Sorry for my absence, last week. In short, Lily needed my attention more than usual. I miss being able to crank out two color-comics a week and follow side-projects, simultaneously. Luckily, we’re in the process of getting Lily into daycare a couple days a week, so the time may indeed come again.

I’ve been trying to draw a commemorative picture for the site’s 10,000-hit milestone over the past few weeks, but spare time is difficult to come by. Once daycare is arranged, I’ll bust it out real quick-like. Until then, the important thing to remember is: We hit 10,000 hits (a few weeks ago)! Yaaaay.

The PSP’s price randomly dropped down to $130, last week, so the missus and I picked one up. It lacks the charm that the DS exudes, but it does have one very strong leverage (at least in my book): A healthy library of RPGs.
I owned a PSP-1000 way back when, and before I sold it, the game I played and remember the most is LocoRoco. I bought it again off the PSN (convenient, yes?); such a cute game.

I also randomly feel like saying I’m listening to a lot of The Pillows, lately. Anyone remember those guys? They were mostly made popular by FLCL? Well, they’re still making music, so I check in on them every once in a while. Anywho, I’ll see you all next Tuesday.