I played a video game and recorded it, did it live, shared it on Facebook and Twitter and that’s where babies come from.

Get Underslept and Overcoffeed!

And here we see how being the first at something isn’t always “trend-setting”. Poor Weegee…

Super Mario 3D World! Despite the name, it’s gonna be on Wii U. These naming conventions mean NOTHING TO NINTENDO. O:<
But seriously, my Wii U "Want" levels are rising, Bits and Bytes.

Video Games:
The Gaming Channel has been being updated at 8am, this past week. ‘Hope you weren’t looking for me between 6pm and 10pm and missed something. Tenoreo, Hamus and I played TamaGotchi Connection: Corner Shop for the DS. Oh, and a whole bunch of you joined in on a pretty awesome Minecraft server stream, Friday.

TamaGotchi Connection: Corner Shop

Best of Week 5-4 and 6-1

Workety-workety-work. I am a work. This is a work. I just ate a work.

Closing Comments:
I feel like drawing more Weegee.