Sure, you can just make time not pass indoors to fix time balancing issues, but you do realize that means I could watch the entire series of Mechabot Ultror before you even poot, right?

Video Games:

I’ve fallen back into the time pit that is Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. I usually have the defense mechanism of getting overwhelmed with all the work I have to do before I can marry Karen (I’m choosing Karen this time, because I’ve come to realize Popuri is a flipping brat) by day 3 and give up. But this time, I simply picked up the last day-3 file I abandoned and played from there. Harvest Moon, or at least Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, is a game that rewards you for your time with a world of intricacy. There are so many little pieces that make the world feel like no time is wasted. The game rewards exploration and stepping out of your routine in a meaningful way. A meaningful way. I didn’t grow flowers and get a potion, I grew flowers and got a bee hive that regularly produces honey. Some characters like honey. Honey is needed for some recipes. Crap, I wanna go play–


Unrelated to me playing Harvest Moon, Tenoreo randomly brought some pots, a strawberry plant and some vegetable seeds home. I used to have a veggie/fruit garden a while back, but I haven’t lived in a home with a yard since. That and raising potted veggies is like raising turtles. You do have to pay attention to them. And you know me, I am overly sympathetic for even inanimate objects. So she might as well have brought home a puppy, for as involved as I have to get in this. We went back out to the store and got the other half of the stuff needed to grow plants (Tenoreo thinks a pot, some seeds and 4 qts. of soil is all it takes– LET US LAUGH AT HER DERISIVELY HEEHAAHAA), and now I’m waiting for a cabbage, beets, rosemary, basil and this strawberry plant to become stuff I can look at and then eat. Like I do with all things that aren’t rocks or people*.

Closing Comments:

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