“Why are you dancing next to me? You didn’t do crap.”
The more I delve into this game, the more I don’t mind its omissions of traditional mechanics. It’s just EXCRETES charm, and you know how much I love excretions.
Apparently, the game was originally created around Prince Fluff, then Nintendo went all like, “We should make Kirby the star.” I wonder if the original producer was angered by this…? *stares off into space*

Welp, this one is a few hours late. The Missus got on a weird sleep schedule today, so she wasn’t available to help me with the little one. I like spending more time with her, anyway. ^^

Anyhow, I won’t be putting a comic up tomorrow. I just have too many things to do and catch up on. I’ll be putting up one last bonus comic on Friday, then it’s back to every Sunday again.

See ya’ then!