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Whutta bunch a swell goise.

Today’s Players:

Streamed this one. I’ll update the post when it becomes a timelapse.

Video Games:
Nuclear Throne with Lily

Only if

Lily’s 4 years old! We went out to the beach and saw a bunch of clapping sea lions seals (sorry sea lions) and other stuff. Fun, but exhausting. Still, Lily had a blast.

Closing Comments:
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Update(05/02/2014-10:09pm PST): If you haven’t been following the chronicles of my hard drives all failing, one after the other: Most recently, my system drive was left badly corrupted after I ran repairs on it, leaving almost all of my games and programs jacked uuuUUPP. As much as it makes my blood boil through my skin, I need to postpone things for a couple days while I backup save/config files and reinstall EVERYTHING, including Windows. Possibly on another new drive. I’m really sorry, Bits and Bytes. See you then… 🙁