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They’d better make this joke in the Minecraft movie and also credit me right after the joke is made by looking into the screen and softly whispering my name.

Been thinking about lines a lot, lately. What makes lines look good? At this point, I’m less convinced it’s the smoothness of the line, and more about the consitency. When some lines end with a consistent width, but others taper to a point, it’s distracting to me. It also feels like the artist didn’t plan out their drawing very well. Full disclosure: I’m pretty bad about this.

Video Games:
I finally bought Nuclear Throne (I honestly can’t remember why I was holding off on getting it), and it’s suuuuuch a good game. Think “The Hunting Minigame From Oregon Trail, Only Zeus Farted Magic Ambrosia Farts On It”. Actually, it’s kind of difficult to sell, because the buzz words I could spout would lead you to think it’s just another indie roguelike-like. But that’s one of the very interesting things about Nuclear Throne: It doesn’t need to turn the industry on its head with innovation, because what it does, it executes beautifully. Everything that contributes to Nuclear Throne’s satisfyingly “crunchy” feel is so perfectly tweaked, you can just smell the grassroots vibe coming off it. Not to say there’s any shortage of content or (tooons of) charm. They monitor their Steam forum and respond to criticism/suggestions respectfully and release weekly updates with not only fixes for reported bugs, but new content as well. Characters, enemies, weapons, mutations– they all keep rolling in.

Seriously, look at these guys.

It has perma-death, sure, but unlike, say, The Binding of Isaac (which I love, don’t get me wrong), I hardly feel like I’m being set back to square one when I die. A playthrough of Nuclear Throne is, again, like other roguelikes, partly based on luck. But it’s certainly no Mario Kart “You Were Doing So Well But Then 8 Blue Shells HaHaHaHa”. It’s more skill-based, so getting a little better each time feels more satisfying to me.

The development is ongoing, and the developers (Vlambeer) have turned it into a saucy performance by streaming the actual development every Tuesday and Thursday. I love Vlambeer. You really get the feeling that what makes them strong devs is that they’ve remained strong gamers (if that makes sense). From what I understand, you lose that when your vision is drowned in crap-tons of different people all doing and wanting different things. I just ::sniff:: love it so much.

Finished my first run of Princess Maker 2. Lily turned out pretty well, I think! Not a literal princess, but who needs that stress, anyway? I also started doing a let’s play of my favorite N64 game!

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon


Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I need a wall-mount for my tablet. Holding it in my lap is cumbersome. ::checks:: Cripes, they’re expensive! o-o

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