I’m running out of coffeeeeee. (It’s a link to my Patreon page. I just don’t want you to feel like I tricked you, because that’s important in an age where anyone can and will link to anyt– ::vaudeville hook::)

Considering how enamored I am with indie games lately, you’d think I’d do more indie-game-themed comics. ::works toward obvious reactive outcome::

Video Games:
Started a dos game series called Princess Maker 2. It was made back in ’95 by GAINAX, of all people. Combine 3 parts Tamagotchi, 2 parts dating sim, and 1 part severely brutal RPG (optional) in a food processor. Blend until coarse and you have Princess Maker 2. It’s addictive. And with 72 possible outcomes, there’s plenty of that coveted “replay value” the game journalists are always doing backflips over. Also, Majora’s Mask is over and done with (save for the Majora battle without the Fierce Deity’s mask).

And did you miss Goat Day 2014? If so, I pity you for missing out on the extremely wholesome alternative to the ever-gauche “April Fool’s Day”. The chronicle for the auspicious first year is as follows:

+The Announcement

+To the Wary

+The Joys of Goat Day

+Goodbye and Picture

Princess Maker 2

Goat Simulator

Trying to change certain lifestyle habits so I can better keep up with the various demands in my life. I recently blazed through all 3 seasons of Louis C.K.’s series, Louie, which lead me to look into his life, which lead me to find that he took up boxing to help him cope with the energy demands of stand-up (and fatherhood, I’m sure). I’m far across the pond, as far a mediums go, but I do see how I’m in need of increased energy to keep up with everything I do. I want to upload two videos a day, I want to upload 2 comics a week, and I want to keep being an active father. It’s not like the concept of “exercise: it’ll make your life better” is new to me. I guess I’m just meek and need to see someone I identify with and admire do it.

Closing Comments:
Until next comic…