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Eventually, she ran out of moves and struggled herself to sleep. Parenthood is funny.

Video Games:
With Tenoreo’s new work schedule, I’ve been figuring out what works for my own schedule. It’s been difficult to find time to record anything, with me watching Lily wayyy more than I used to with Tenoreo’s old work schedule, but I think I’ve found at least one day a week that I can record. I’d also like to eventually have Lily join me in a video or two, so I suppose that could work out. Until then, I’ll be uploading consistently Tuesday through Friday. Hey, better that you know when to expect videos than to get them sporadically like a constricted water hose that somehow spews the occasional YouTube video. Does that make sense? I’ve been up for a couple days… Anyway, I uploaded part 2 of 2 of my Rogue Legacy LP.

Rogue Legacy Ep. 2 of 2

Poor Lily’s starting to get restless for lack of someone to play with. I’ve taken her to the playground nearby a few times, but the only other lil’ one she met hasn’t made an appearance, since. I got her on Skype with her g-ma, gg-ma, and Hamus last night to try to cheer her up and she really perked up. Online socialization works for me; I guess it can work for babbies, too. I might look into day care a couple days out of the week for her or something, until she starts going to school. Oh, MAN, school! That’s not too far off, is it? I mean, I’ll have a regular ~8 hours to myself for the first time in… 4 years? So yeah, cool. But… But kids are cruel. *designs kid-sized rocket suit with built-in chakram launcher*

Closing Comments:
Time to sleep for 4 hours, then try to record stuff!!