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Video Games:
The Gaming Channel chugs along, merrily. I decided to focus the lineup so people know what to expect; only Silent Hill Downpour, Majora’s Mask and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door will be uploaded ’til completion (that last one’s still up in the air against Banjo Kazooie, actually), then we’ll move onto finishing the other games I started.

I also honed the Daily Spotlight into a WEEKLY thing. Every Saturday, I’ll post the “Best of Week X-X”, where the “X-X” will be the numbered month and week. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you lovely viewers to get only the best content, if you so choose, and for newcomers to get a quick idea of what I do.

And now, for most likely the very last time… SPOTLIGHTS!!

I Missed…

Astonishingly Disturbing…

Beyond the Glass…

And welcome the “Best of Week X-X” series!

Best of Week 1-1

Truth be told, I am terribly ill with the Flu, at the moment. Ilia came down with it the day before New Years Eve (so I couldn’t really celebrate or anything of the sort on the actual day T – T), and now I’ve got it. EHHHH, I should just go to sleep.

Closing Comments:
Alright, then. I’m going to do that thing I said I should do in the last section: Get the Flu. Wait… Get some sleep. G’night!

Until next comic; see you then~