Poor Weegee… Oh, well… Take it where you can get it, I suppose.

I’ll be back next week with the ending of the “Visitor” mini-arc. A new character will make an appearance. I’ll give you a hint: He’s awesome and is voiced by John Di Maggio.

In other news, the site exploded the other day. A kind internet-citizen posted some comics at funnyjunk.com, and the rest is history. Sure, I’m excited about all the exposure and new readers (welcome, by the way), but the thing that made me happiest of this entire situation…

DAT ASS Wobbuffet

I literally lol’d for a good 30 minutes. Thank you, renegadeanarchy, for making Wobbuffet that much cooler to me.

To keep up with all the growth the site’s undergone, I’m going to try to put out more Friday comics (I think I last did one, like, 3 months ago…). Also, once I get some things straightened out with Paypal, I’m going to completely renovate my sad, sad little donation page into something more robust, with prizes n’ such.

Next Tuesday’s comic is pretty big, and the baby is teething up a blasted storm (I kid you not, when I say I got a collective 6 hours of sleep this weekend), so Friday updates will begin next week. To make up, in addition to the new “Prize Page”, I’ll be updating with a handful of character bios. Or I may just do a one-shot, like I used to. We’ll see.

Also, Bytes of Life has a tvtropes page, now. I don’t have much time to edit it, so any help would be much appreciated.

P.S. – I changed my site header. I halved its height. I hope no one’s too bothered by it. I just felt it took up too much space, especially on 1024×768 resolution desktops. I want the site to be more about the comic, rather than my design. XD