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“And now for something completely different…” Is what they usually say, yes? I sat on this idea for a while, wondering if it was too strange, but then I remembered I shouldn’t care. So here you go.

It happened a week or so ago, so it’s slightly old news, but I set a Twitter feed next to my comments. Now, you can see comic updates, late submission excuses, and other little glimpses into my life (I mostly talk about video games, though…).

I’ve been playing a large amount of our new PS3 for the past couple weeks, and it’s making me seriously consider introducing Sony characters to the comic. Come back next Tuesday, and maybe you’ll see some new faces?

Update: Contrary to my twitter post, I actually ended up working on the character bios, finally. As of this night, I have added two. I will add more throughout the coming weeks. Whooo! It feels good to finally be getting this done.

Update #2: I have also decided to take the current advertising down. There hasn’t been one non-obnoxious ad, so far. Today, I saw a “meet singles” ad, and that was the last straw for me. That’s freaking ridiculous. I guess I’ll just wait until I can get Project Wonderful’s advertising; their ads are actually about video games, comics, and anime. Until then, enjoy ad-free KakuJomics~