“We’re back, baby!”

Welcome back, everybody! ‘Hope you’ve had a good year, so far. The holidays were great for us. Presents, lights, and FOOOOOOOOOOD. Baby had a fantastic time.

Anywho, this comic idea spawned from an observation the missus randomly made a couple weeks ago on how Bowser is rich, has a castle, commands an army; basically has large aspirations. While Mario is a plumber who’s presumably just in it for the girl (motivations aside). What does that say about this game’s perception of success? Personally, I enjoy the idea that money doesn’t equal wealth, but it’s a fun idea to poke at, nevertheless.

Once again, other projects on the site went unattended to. Baby got an upper respiratory infection and I got zero sleep for a week or two, staying up with her, aspirator in hand. Perhaps, one day, the bio page won’t be so lonely…

Updates officially resume today, so I’ll see you all next Tuesday for another Bytes of Life!