Now it’s legit! Yaaaaayy! In all seriousness, I plan on integrating my original characters, more. I feel like the comic will become just like many other gamer comics if I let it continue the way it has. Hope you don’t mind baby poo!

In other news, the gag comic has an official name, now: Bytes of Life! I just kind of let a standby go for a bit (Nintendiggety; it didn’t roll, y’know?), but it always bothered me to not have an actual name beyond the comic studio name. I’ll be updating graphics to reflect this change.

I’m getting very excited about the upcoming episodic adventure. However, I may have to postpone it further, as I have to realign priorities for the present situation. I love and thoroughly enjoy making these comics, but the fact is, I need to make some actual money. I’ll probably put off the storyline, draw back submissions to once a week, and take some more web design jobs. That is, until I can get proper advertising on (Notice the mostly unrelated ads… I think I saw an ad for dog treats for, like, a month straight.)

If jobs are dry, however, once I’m finished with the current project, I’ll get down to some hard work on the comic.

OH! And guess what!? We’ve reached 1000 visits!

1000 Hits!

I’m, like, a big-shot now, or something! This and web design work is what I did instead of adding character bios this week (ehh-heh…)! 😀 Thank you all for your support!