I’ve gone and jumped on the Minecraft bandwagon. I’m addicted to this game, simply put. If you are unfamiliar with Minecraft, then SHAME ON YOU. Also, today’s comic won’t make much sense. Just know that Creepers are terrible, scheming green monsters that hide in cracks, then ambush you. But not only do they ambush you with an attack or eat you or anything like that. No… They explode. They explode and destroy everything around them, including anything you’ve spent hours building. The game itself is just wonderful. You know what? Just go play it. Everyone else is. It’s $10 while it’s in alpha, and you won’t have to pay anything else past that; you get any updates or future releases for free. No monthly fees or whatever.


P.S.- I’m not submitting a comic Thursday so I can catch up on a few things; site-wise, work-wise, and family-wise. This time, I mean it.

Update: This has been an extremely off week for me. A few things are being adjusted, and I will release 12-05-2010’s comic on Tuesday. As it is, I am the sole caregiver of Little Miss on the weekends, so I get hardly a chance to work Friday-Sunday. I will most likely switch updates to Tuesdays and Fridays to avoid future issues. Sorry, everyone.

Update #2: Extreme baby troubles. Color is mostly done, but it will be up Tuesday, mid-day, at some point.