Fighting moths is serious business. Seriously. ‘Hope the barf didn’t offend anyone. XD

The kanji is “Hiken. Zankuusen.” Which translates to “Hidden Sword Technique. Air-Cutting Flash.” It’s a reference to my favorite character in the first manga I ever read. Can anyone guess?

So ends this story arc. Next Sunday will be an epilogue (I kind of ended it today, right…?).

In the beginning of creating this site, I began with intentions of practicing with these comics, then eventually going full-time with a full-blown, in-depth, episodic storyline. The fatal flaw in this plan is that, with every comic about Kakujo and Ilia I release, the tighter a spot I write myself into later (canon and whatnot).

I explain this because, within the next few weeks, I plan on just jumping into it and getting on with the tale. If I keep telling myself “when I get better”, or “I have to practice, first”, I’ll never get to it.

SO! Better now than never, yes?
I can’t reveal too many details, because I haven’t completely written everything out. I’m dealing with characters and worlds from so many different video games, I have to make extra-special care to get my canon juuuust right so as not to cause the uptight fanboys to piss with anguish. (I can be guilty of that too, at times…)