BOOYA! Here it is: Part 2 of our Mottephobia story arc (if it can so be called) in all its on-time glory~!

What’s this? Kakujo seems to feel something is amiss. You’ll have to wait ’til next week to find out why~.

You may have already noticed by now that I portray Kirby in a more serious, sarcastic manner. I’ve drawn Kirby like this since I first began drawing him in the margins of my homework in elementary school, and that’s just the way he naturally comes out when I’m in the scripting process. He still has a prominent soft and innocent side, but Kakujo’s antics seem to bring out the worst in him.

In other news: I’m quickly getting the hang of my workspace, and a grasp of efficient timing! XD
I plan on switching to two comics a week, eventually. At the very least, it will be every Sunday and sometimes Wednesday (baby takes priority ‘n’ such).