I told myself I was going to do something more simple for my first “official” comic, but darn it, I started envisioning more and more epic imagery and felt that I couldn’t be satisfied with a four-panel, black-and-white comic! ><; My favorite Nintendo characters (as of now) are Kirby, Wobbuffet, and Luigi. I was glad to be able to include 2 of 3 this week. 😀 As for Captain Falcon, I just love making fun of him. He thinks he's so darned cool. But you gotta give props to such confidence, despite being a "low-tier". Wobbuffet's Counter attack is technically (and this is a bit of a nerdgasm) supposed to deal 2x the damage it receives. Brawl seems to implement something similar, but in an extremely nerfed flavor. This Wobbuffet seems to have mastered the art of Counter to a new level, though; 28 x 2 – 30 certainly does not equal 9001.
Oh, and a note to those confused about the ending message: “Bows” is simply one way of pronouncing “Boss”.

I’ll be taking a color break next week, and will try my hand at a more simple approach. That doesn’t mean I’m never going to draw a color comic again, it’s just unrealistic for me to put so much work into every single submission I post while raising a baby and running a business.