It doesn’t matter what danger lies ahead, because there is also cold air there.

I finally found Digimon Domez (Digimon blind bags that have figures inside little domes)! Er, that is, I ordered a box of them after searching all over Portland for them. Gamestop even promised me they were getting more stock and then the manager turned out to be a lying tool, but I’m told I should expect that from Gamestop. I ended up ordering them from toywiz in Big-ol-Box form, because that was the only form in which they were available. As much as I want to tear into all of them right now (you have no idea how strong this urge is), I think I’ll show some restraint and open 1 per day on my digivice vlog.

Kakujo's Big-ol-Box of Digimon Domez. I WANT TO OPEN THEM
There are 8 to collect with 1 extra, secret character. And I swear to god, if I get 24 Palmon I’M GOING T– actually, I can think of some pretty fun things to do with 24 Palmon. But so help me, if I get 12 Palmon and 12 Gomamon I’M GONNA MCFREAKIN LOSE IT