:Commissions are OPEN:

Hey there! Want to give Bryan money and get a custom, high-res, digital, printable picture in return? Because that’s what a commission is!
In this context, anyway.
At this time, I’m only offering portrait-style character commissions. That is, one or more characters with or without a background, like the one next to this text.

Pricing is as follows:

Black-and-White: $30/Character

Flat Colors: $40/Character

Shaded: $50/Character

This is an approximation that doesn’t take into account how complex (or not complex) your character is, but it applies to most drawings. Meaning, your character could cost more or less. But we can discuss that before we begin.

Background pricing depends on complexity. “No background” would be $0, obviously. A simple background like, say, a park or a distant mountain would be an additional $20. If what you have in mind is a little more complex, we’ll discuss a price over email. Additionally, these commissions are for pre-developed, preexisting characters you or someone else has created (or at least conceptualized). If you are interested in me designing a character from the ground up, we can discuss further pricing over– YOU GUESSED IT, email.

Commission Types

Please provide me with a good description and clear reference. One of the best ways to make sure your commission takes a long time to complete is not being clear about exactly what you want. Depending on the complexity of your character(s), the price could be more or less. I’ll send a work-in-progress after the draft is finished. If you’d like me to shade your commission like I do the comic (i.e.- oil pastel-ish, rather than cell-shaded), let me know or I’ll assume you want flat colors with oil pastel-ish shading. All payments are due once the draft is approved. Paypal only. Commission is for personal use only. I may use the finished work for promotion. Lastly, don’t be a butt to me or the whole thing is off.

Send all info to bryan (at) kakujomics . com, with something vaguely like “COMMISSION” in the subject line.