Kakujo's character bio pic!


Origin: The first thing I remember is a video game so probably that.

An avid gamer-turned-father, Kakujo does what he can to balance parenting with his apparent hobby of communicating with denizens of the game world. Having a child drags him outside more often than he’d like (i.e. – more than the necessary 10 minutes per day), but thanks to Chai having also acquired a taste for gaming, he still finds himself in many a shenanigan.

Chai's character bio pic!


Origin: Wherever it is babies come from. Or Comic #000

The somewhat capricious daughter of Kakujo and Tenoreo (though what toddler isn’t prone to unpredictability?), Chai likes to collect leaves, cut sheets of paper into at least 173 pieces, avoid sleep like it’s toxic, and pretty much anything else that might make Kakujo nervous. But at least when she’s not doing that, she plays video games. Mostly Pikmin 3’s bingo battle. She likes to swarm the uncontrolled Player 2 and laugh as they’re slowly leaf-slapped to death. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.

Tenoreo's character bio pic!


Origin: Comic #074

Kakujo and Tenoreo share the job of “family backbone” somewhat evenly, but you’ll more often see Tenoreo talking Kakujo down from a bad idea than vice versa. Tenoreo’s the only one with a “stable job”, and ends up mothering Kakujo probably more than necessary (though he does like that it fits with his aspirations of being an eternal man-child). That’s not to say she doesn’t throw down in Smash or journey out across Hyrule. We’re all gamers here.

CORE's character bio pic!


Origin: Minecraft Episode #107

From his humble beginnings as portable storage in a Minecraft modpack, the Chest of Ridiculous Excellence (further referred to as “CORE”) has become a staple companion in all of Kakujo’s romps through the blocky brush. CORE is slow to act and generally prefers the shortest path (i.e.- staying home), but with his ability to teleport and prolong expeditions with his deep trunk (ladies), he’s a dependable and considerate friend. He’s also lazy, gluttonous, sarcastic, judgemental and upset that I’ve written this, but is already giving up and hopping away. Way to stick to the script, buddy.

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